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Tree Protectors - (2 pack)


Set of two tree protectors for use with the Double Slackline Course sets by Lily's Things. Also can be used with any other ninja slackline sets, zipline sets, hammocks, or tree swings. Each tree protector is 6 inches wide and 9.6 feet in length! Long length allows for very large tree trunks as well as wrapping several times around most trees for added padding and protection. Protects both the tree as well as the webbing from abrasion and wear.

  • UNIVERSAL FOR MANY PRODUCTS - great for ninja slacklines, ziplines, hammocks or tree swings!
  • DOUBLE PROTECTION - protects both the tree as well as the slackline from abrasion and wear.
  • EXTRA LONG - Each tree protector is 9.6 feet in length. Great for huge tree trunks up to 9 feet in circumference!
  • EASY ATTACHMENT - with hook-and-loop fastener!