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Double Slackline Course - CARGO NET Edition (80 or 110 Foot Line)

  • Looking for the perfect sports & outdoor play toys? Turn your couch potatoes into ninja kids with our Double Slackline Obstacle Course! Get kids moving, motivated, and playing outdoors. Healthy and fun adult and kids workout equipment. Perfect outdoor kids toys for warriors of all ages - get off the screens and play outside! Better than a zip line - get everyone in your family healthy and active, work on their balance and strength training, all while having a blast!
  • The only slackline in kids outdoor play equipment that has TWO LINES which means - monkey bars and cargo nets/ climbing net hang perpendicular to the course and all obstacles have 50% less sag or recoil than a traditional slack line! Because the user is supported by two slacklines instead of one, there is greater support, which prevents the obstacles from bouncing up and twisting over the line when the user dismounts.
  • Our Double Obstacle Slackline Kit has unique buckles that allow you to customize the obstacle positions in any order and any distance apart that you'd like. The set with the 80 foot line is good for trees up to 35 feet apart, and the 110 foot line is good for trees up to 50 feet apart. The course is fully adjustable with no fixed distances. 
  • THE ULTIMATE CLIMING CHALLENGE (CARGO NET & CLIMBING LADDER): Do you have what it takes to make it across our Cargo Net? It hangs between our double slacklines just like a bridge, and challenges you to cross. Perfect for our littlest ninjas! Climb our Climbing Ladder if you dare! Can you climb and swing to the next obstacle?
  • We believe in safety before all else. Our equipment is factory break tested to sustain very high forces and is made from high quality industrial strength materials. Very safe for adult and kid ninja warriors alike.
  • Money Back Guarantee. We are committed to your satisfaction. We offer a full 100% 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our product. Cargo Net Edition Includes: (1) 80' or 110' Slackline, (1) Cargo Net, (1) Climbing Ladder, (2) Monkey Bars, (1) Monkey Bar with Attached Gym Rings, (2) Gym Rings, (1) Swing, (1) Carry Bag + All the accessories you need to build your Double Slackline Course.