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Rickety Bridge Attachment


This is our Rickety Bridge attachment from our Double Slackline Course line of products. It is designed to be used exclusively as an add on attachment to the Double Slackline Course sets by Lily's Things. This CANNOT be attached to traditional single line ninja slackline sets.

  • The only Rickety Bridge attachment on the market available for Ninja Slackline sets! For use exclusively with our Double Slackline Course sets
  •  Does not rely on upper body strength, so makes a great "resting station" in the middle of the course.
  • Supports up to 250 pounds per rung -- We believe in safety before all else. Our Rickety Bridge has been factory break tested to support up to 250 lbs per rung (so more than one child can play at once).
  • Easy set-up and adjusting -- Our Rickety Bridge comes with easy to open auto-locking carabiners as well as height adjustable ropes to create different orientations of the bridge..


  • One Rickety Bridge assembly with five 16 inch wooden rungs
  • Ten heavy duty auto-locking carabiners
  • Ten metal buckles for attaching exclusively to our Double Slackline Course sets
  • Main slackline and ratchet NOT INCLUDED